Publication Policy

  • Ethics

    Manuscripts are received with the basic understanding that they are not submitted to any other journal nor under consideration with any other journal. All manuscripts are subject to editorial peer review.

  • Plagiarism check

    Plagiarism is the use of words and ideas of another as if they were one's own and without acknowledgment of their source. Plagiarism is unethical in any context, if committed intentionally. Every manuscript submitted for publication to our journals is checked for plagiarism soon after submission and before being sent to an editor for editorial review. Our team use different in-house tools to check the submitted content for plagiarism.

  • Plagiarism after publication

    If plagiarism is found after publication in any case, our team will conduct an investigation. We will contact the author with the issue. Depending on the extent of the plagiarism, the paper may also be formally retracted.

  • Ethical research

    Submitted research must comply with the guidelines for human studies according to institutional standards and animal welfare regulations. Authors should state that subjects have given their informed consent and that the study protocol has been approved by the institute's committee on human research.

  • Copyrighted Material

    If authors wish to reproduce text, figures, tables, graphs or charts, that are already been published or will be published elsewhere, they must acknowledge the source of such material and obtain permission from the copyright owner(s) to reproduce the material in their manuscript.

  • Corrections and Retraction Policy

    Articles can be withdrawn by either by the authors or the publishers. The article can withdraw anytime before it is formally published. It can not be withdrawn once it is assigned with article ID, volume, issue and doi.