Peer Review Policy

All submitted manuscripts are treated as confidential documents. We expect our editors and reviewers to treat manuscripts as confidential material as well. Just before the peer review process, all manuscripts submitted will be checked for plagiarism. Once cleared with the plagiarism check, the manuscript will be moved to further process of review.

The peer-review process plays a critical role in both the evaluation and development of scholarly material submitted for publication. Its purpose is to ensure that published papers meet rigorous academic standards, through objective and independent assessment by experts in a given field.

- All articles are reviewed by at least one editor and two reviewers (suitably qualified experts).

- Editors will have the option of seeking additional reviews when needed. Authors will be advised when editors decide further review is needed.

- The editors then make a decision based on the reviewers' advice. The editor decision can be Accept, can be suggested to Revise and it can be Rejected.

- On the basis of the reviews provided, the journals’ Editors-in-Chief will make the final decisions. Authors of papers that are accepted / not accepted are notified promptly.