Open Access Policy

Science Open Library is an online directory and repository, that is committed to bring the wider scientific community unrestricted access to scientific research papers, through open access journals. Open access refers to having online access to scientific journals, papers, and studies without any restrictions. we place a momentous value on cultivating and developing research across the fields of science, technology, and medicine to achieve significant milestones in disseminating knowledge and understanding of new scientific issues, challenges, and opportunity across the globe.

Following Creative Commons Attribution license for any scientific and research papers that are published, researchers, medical doctors, physicists, and computer scientists can benefit by resorting to relevant and highly trusted research data, which can cultivate new technological and cost-effective innovations, cures to medical illnesses, and explanations to scientific hypotheses.

More importantly, open-access also helps in raising the standard of education. Teacher-student relationships are nurtured through the exploration of new and practical scientific ideas, theories, and experiments that breathe in a keen interest in developing and enhancing scientific, technological, and medical fields.