Author Guidelines

Authors can submit their articles directly to editorial office via email or through our online submission system. Manuscripts are received with the basic understanding that they are not submitted to any other journal nor under consideration with any other journal.

Manuscript Preparation

Authors are requested to submit their manuscript in PDF, DOC, DOCX, or RTF formats. If author experience problems submitting their papers electronically or in the required PDF format, they can send a copy of their paper according to the required guidelines via email, addressed to the editor.

It is required to submit a cover letter with information that can be of relevance to the submitted work. Your cover letter should mention basic details about yourself, such as your name, email address, and contact numbers. It should also include a brief statement on the importance of the paper, and why it should be published.

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Types of Papers

Papers of the following types are considered for publication.

  • ✺  Original Research
  • ✺  Review
  • ✺  Mini review
  • ✺  Case reports
  • ✺  Opinion
  • ✺  Short Notes
  • ✺  Letters
  • ✺  Commentaries
  • ✺  Proceedings
  • ✺  Editorials

Manuscript Format

Title page: The first page of each paper should indicate the title, authors' names, institute where the work was conducted.

Full address: The exact postal address of the corresponding author with postal code must be given in the title page. Please also supply phone and fax numbers, as well as e-mail address of all authors.

Key words: 4–12 key words

Acknowledgement: The author may use acknowledgement section in the title page of the paper (if any).

Abstract: Abstract need to be provided for the applicable article types

Tables and illustrations: Tables and illustrations (both Numbered in Arabic numerals) should be stored in separate files.

References: Identify references [in square brackets] in the text by number. The list of references should include only those publications cited in the text. Arrange the reference list in numerical order.

Supplementary Material: Multimedia files and other supplementary files relevant to the study are acceptable.

Content Revision

The editor(s) will make a decision regarding your paper based on the reviewer reports. It is common for an article not to be accepted in first draft and you may be asked to revise and resubmit. Revisions requested may be major or minor.

Once author send the revised version to editorial office, editor(s) will check that you have made the necessary revisions and rebuttal (if any) before informing you that your paper has been accepted for publication.

Accepted papers

Once accepted, your manuscript will be prepared for publication. Usually the galley proofs will be sent to author within 4 days of acceptance.


Reprints will be issued across the globe. Please write to to order the reprints of published papers.